Om forretningsdrevet CSR

»The business of business...«

CSR as a growth model

At Majgaard® we believe that companies – no matter their size – should regard working with
corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an oportunity for strengthening their stakeholder relations
and rethinking their business oportunities. And we are not alone with this wiew…

Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever clearly sees CSR as a business oportunity – and a sustainable
business conduct as a growth strategy.

Polman is quite clear when adressing the reasons behind his strategy for sustainable growth:
”… in a world where there is an enormous ressource stress, companies that do not more actively
become part of the solution I think will be obsolete…”
”… we have seen increasingly with the digital age the power of the consumer comming up…
– if they can bring down a regime in Egypt in about 17 days, they can bring an irresponsible company
down in nannoseconds.”


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